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Welcome to the website of the Hereford Cattle Breed in Ireland. News stories and events will be updated regularly, please check out our youtube page and become a fan on facebook.

Hereford cattle have earned a reputation for reliability, docility, fertility ease of calving, and the efficient conversion of grass to red meat.

Generations of Hereford breeders have through their dedication shaped and moulded the breed into possibly the most efficient beef production unit on the globe.

Modern day pressures such as labour input costs together with environmental demands require changes and adjustments in farming methods. The Hereford breed is ideally placed to meet these challenges now and into the future.

While meeting the demands of the producer is of major importance the requirements and satisfaction of the consumer is the ultimate test for the Hereford end product. In this regard, the achievement of Irish Hereford Prime Beef in winning the world’s best steak award and the more recent win by Certified Premium Hereford Irish Beef at the Great Taste Awards confirms the belief of many producers, chefs, restaurateurs and consumers across the world in the outstanding quality of the Hereford product they promote and trust.


From Conception To Consumption You Can Rely On Hereford.

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Beef with the “wow” factor